Details of KHCS's Service

Areas treated in a kitchen deep clean

  • Main kitchens including all Structure and Equipment
  • Store rooms 
  • Raw meat preparation areas 
  • Cooked meat preparation areas 
  • Chiller rooms 
  • Chemical Stores 
  • Other food rooms and adjoining areas

Kitchen deep cleaning Treatments

  • Degreasing - removal of grease deposits via chemical / manual cleaning methods.
  • Decarbonising - Removal of burnt on products from the heating surfaces and surrounds of equipment such as cookers and fryers. 
  • Sludge removal - Removal of semi-liquid sediment. 
  • Thorough cleaning - Removal of other deposits from food rooms using chemical and steam cleaning. 
  • Equipment cleaning - dismantle, degrease / descale / decarbonise, reassemble and test for working maintenance where practical.

Benefits of  KHCS’s service

  • Our free confidential Hygiene Survey will detail and uncover all of your Kitchen’s cleaning requirements
  • Any signs of infestation and other hazards brought to your attention to enable preventative and not reactive measures,
  • The life of your Equipment is vastly prolonged through proper cleaning.
  • Areas requiring special are identified to the client and our kitchen deep cleaners. 
  • A clean kitchen not only minimises the risk of food contamination but is good for business! 


High level cleaning

Often the wall surfaces above six feet cannot be effectively cleaned by staff. Similarly the ceilings, light fittings, vents and roof structure supports are often out of reach. Our deep cleaning will ensure all unhygienic and fire hazardous deposits are removed from these difficult surfaces.


Floor deep cleaning

There are many different floor surfaces in use in catering, food production facilities and dining areas. Daily cleaning by staff is often insufficient to maintain the required standards of hygiene and safety. By using specialised equipment and chemicals, our operatives will ensure your floor surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and free of all contaminants.


Canopy and filter cleaning

Often these are difficult for staff to access for cleaning. Our specialist service will ensure removal of all potential fire hazard deposits from internal surfaces of canopies, grease filters and drip trays. Where filters are worn or ineffective we can provide a filter replacement service.


Evidence of compliance with legislation

On completion of our deep cleaning service we provide a Work Quality Certificate, which is your guarantee that work has been carried out to the highest standards and can be used as evidence for Health and Safety Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers that you have met your legal obligations to exercise ‘due diligence’.


Maintenance of required standard

In consultation with you we will put in place a regular programme of hygiene and safety maintenance tailored to the usage pattern of your facilities.
Usually this would mean three- or six-monthly services to ensure standards of hygiene and safety are maintained at all times. Also, remember, our contractual prices are guaranteed not to be increased for a minimum of 3 years.

In many cases, staff are able to maintain satisfactory standards of hygiene for standard items of equipment; it is the difficult and concealed areas which require professional deep cleaning services. We will identify with you precisely the areas which require deep cleaning to complement your own cleaning programmes so that together we achieve an excellent overall standard of hygiene and cleanliness which will ensure approval by EHO inspections of your facility.