Environmental Policy

General Statement of Environmental policy

Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning Services Ltd is committed to complying with all applicable environmental legislationas well as achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities, wherever this is practicable. Furthermore we seek continuous improvement of our environmental performance by setting objectives and targets within our Organisation to achieve our set goals.

Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning Services Ltd conduct internal environmental reveiws to measure environmental performance and to ensure compliance with statutory legislation and other requirements applicable to our business.

Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning Services Ltd shall develop an environmental management system with a veiw to seeking accreditation to ISO 14001:2004.

We will set environmental objectives and targets with the support of professional advice, paying paticular attention to:

  1. Reducing stationary, packaging and office consumables consumption, both     virgin and recycled, for internal Company use.
  2. Recycling internal Company stationary, pacaging and office consumables where this is practicable.
  3. Training our staff in environmental awareness and environmental management systems.
  4. Increasing the use of alternatives to hazardous chemicals, materials and substances that are more readily biodegradable or have less impact on the environment.
  5. Managing waste streams effectively and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.
  6. Using the best available techniques to reduce emissions to air or water, and prevent uncontrolled accidental release.

Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning Services Ltd is a services business, we will do our best to promote environmental awareness amongst our clientsand where practicable, actively encourage them to adopt best environmental practice.

Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning Services Ltd shall seek to influence and encourage, through the selection and management processes, key suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt best practice and reduce their impact on the environment.

This policy will be implemented through the management structure of Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning Services Ltd, direct responsibility remaining with senior management.

This policy statement will be reviewed on a regular basis and updated to reflect improved environmental awareness and changing legislation.

This statement of policy will be made freely available to all stakeholders, staff, clients and suppliers upon request.